Tongue and Lip Tie Assessment

Are you struggling with painful nipples, recurrent mastitis or blocked ducts? 
Does your baby have a shallow latch, or is unable to maintain latch? 
Does baby fall asleep quickly at breast, are the feeds very frequent or maybe they are prolonged? 
Does baby sleep with an open mouth?
Does baby click or gag when feeding, leaks milk when feeding at breast or bottle, is unable to hold a dummy in his mouth or hates the car seat. 
Perhaps you have been told “There is a little tongue tie, but it shouldn’t impact your feeding”.  However you know something is not right!

I have taken further education and training on the impact of tongue and lip ties on breastfeeding. 

I can assess for functional or structural issues that impact the attachment or suck. 

I will give you simple exercises that may help improve the oral function.

Most times when there is oral dysfunction, the baby has tension throughout the whole body and the baby needs support from a team of practitioners who will work together to give you and baby the best possible outcome for long term health. 

I will refer you to other practitioners as indicated (Paediatric Osteopath, Paediatric Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Speech Pathologist and Dentist).

If tethered oral tissues are suspected, I will refer you to release providers for diagnosis and treatment of tongue and lip ties.

I will work with you and the other health practitioners to ensure that there is optimal timing of release to achieve best possible long term oral function.

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