Infant Reflux & Colic Assessment

Does your baby cry or scream a lot? Is he struggling with daily pain and discomfort? Does he vomit or does he fight the breast or sometimes refuse to feed? Does he need to be carried most of the time and does he have trouble sleeping? Does he have rashes or allergies? Are you only sleeping a few hours each night?

Have you been told “It is just reflux and he’ll grow out of it” or “It is normal”. Have you been told “you are spoiling him by holding him all the time.”

Are you feeling sick and tired because NO ONE LISTENS and you feel so alone!

I believe you when you say these things happen and I want to be able to help. I believe that Infant Colic and Reflux is not a disease in itself but is a symptom of something else. I want to help you find that “something else”.

Getting to the root cause of the reflux/colic problem can be like working out a jigsaw – There are lots of interconnecting pieces and you need an overall picture to solve the puzzle.

I will take time to listen to your story. I will take a full history of the pregnancy, labour, birth and feeding journey to date. I will look at baby’s history to date, observe a full feed, or two, and do a physical and oral examination. I will use all of this information to see the big picture and gain an understanding of the root cause or causes of the problem. It is only then can a solution to the problem be considered.

Together, we will formulate a plan to help reduce your baby’s symptoms and distress. This care plan may include referrals to other health professionals.

After you make a booking, you will be sent a history and symptom questionnaire which will need to be completed prior to our appointment.

The initial consult includes text and email support for 2 weeks: messages answered with an email or phone call within 24 hours between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. Overnight messages will be answered by 9am the next morning.

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