Antenatal Education & Breast Assessment

Preparation, education and planning is the best way to get your breastfeeding journey off to a good start.

During this consultation I will listen to your needs and concerns and I will tailor the examinations, information and resources to meet your individual needs.

This consultation may include, as needed:
– A detailed history of your medical, pre pregnancy and pregnancy journey to date
– Previous breastfeeding experiences
– History of breast surgery – reduction or augmentation
– Flat or inverted nipples
– Examination of breasts and nipples
– Basic anatomy of the breast and how milk is made
– Simple explanation of the role of hormones in breastfeeding
– Discussion around “baby blues” and post natal depression
– The importance of the “Golden Hour” and immediate skin to skin
– Baby led attachment
– What to do if you are separated from the baby at birth
– Things you can do to improve breastfeeding success in case of Caesarean Section
– Normal infant behaviour especially in first week of life
– Changes in mother and baby in early weeks
– How to understand baby’s cues for food, comfort, love, attention and sleep
– How to know baby is getting enough milk
– How to tell that baby is attached well and drinking well
– Dealing with pain
– Sore nipples
– Prevention and management of engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis
– Hand expressing and breast massage
– Antenatal collection of colostrum
– Not enough milk or too much milk
– Simple solutions to common problems
– Challenges you may face and how to manage them
– What to do if breastfeeding does not go to plan
– Support people and how they can help
– Realistic expectations of parenting
– Post natal supports and community groups
– Links and resources for further information

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